5 Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Your Children

February is National Electrical Safety Month, making it the perfect time to teach your children important lessons about safely interacting with electrical systems. Children possess a natural curiosity about the world they live in, which can lead them into hazardous situations without proper instruction and supervision. Neglecting to take a proactive approach in educating them about potential dangers can be harmful, sometimes lethal, so start today with these five tips.

  1. Teach children that electricity and water do not go together. Keep all your interior and exterior electrical equipment far from water sources, and do not plug in any electronics that have suffered water damage. Children should never play with or operate any electrical devices near water.
  2. Inform them that electrical outlets are only to be used for plugs. Children should not stick their fingers or any other objects in an electrical outlet, as this can result in electric shock and cause severe burns, spinal fractures, neurological effects, heart damage, and even death.
  3. Explain that they should never yank electrical cords from wall outlets. This can lead to frayed cords or damage to the appliance or the outlet, creating a significant safety hazard. Situate all cords out of sight to avoid tempting your children to play with them and encourage them to seek assistance from an adult when unplugging any electrical devices.
  4. Instruct them to never climb trees located near power lines. If the wires make contact with the branch, the tree could carry electricity that may electrocute your child. Even when branches are close to power lines without touching them, they could easily make contact in windy conditions or under the weight of a child.
  5. Make sure they know to operate any flying toys far away from power lines. If a kite hits a power line while your child is flying it, the kite string can become energized and electrocute your child. If a drone hits a power line, it can cause downed power lines, which form serious safety hazards for anyone nearby.

To learn more about how you can prevent your children from experiencing dangerous electrical accidents, contact Winters Electric today by calling (541) 664-4505 or submitting the form on our website. Our team of experts can conduct a comprehensive electrical evaluation of your home and offer advice for mitigating any safety risks that could harm your children.

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