Add Electric to Your Shed This Summer

If you are building a shed at your Medford, OR, residence, you may want to run power to your shed for several reasons.  A shed with power installed professionally can help add value to your home, and it also gives you power that is safe and looks better than an extension cord!  Making your shed your own with electricity can give your home a special space that anyone can spend time hanging out in or doing a hobby.

Meditation Shed

Add power to your own personal meditation room.  Get away from your house and enjoy the peace and quiet in a shed built just for you to relax.  Add power to your shed so you can have heat and lighting for nighttime meditation or yoga sessions.  You may also like music or guided meditations, so having power wired to your shed will benefit your practice.

Music Shed

Get a record player, a recliner, and some old records to drift back to an era.  Enjoy listening to your collection all night in your back yard shed.  If you have power, you never have to worry about moving the music inside once a battery dies or if it rains!

Hobby Shed

A woodworking shed is great for everyone in the family.  Even people who don’t like to work with wood will start because it’s fun to work in the shed.  A room to create and learn is much better when it has the power it needs for the tools that get the job done.

A TV Shed

With power running to your new backyard shed, you can bring the TV, video games, and bean bags out for a fun sleepover or watch the game with a friend or two.  Enjoy the quiet of having time alone or invite someone along to battle with you on the latest video game.

Winters Electric can add power to your outbuildings and give you the extra rooms on your property that provide a great space for family members to be independent or work on their favorite things.  Get your plans out and call Winters Electric in Medford for an estimate!

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