New Summer Lighting for Your Home in Southern Oregon

Summer is the perfect time for remodeling and updating your Medford, Oregon, home.  If you are interested in upgrading your interior or landscape lighting, Winters Electric can consult with you to help you decide on the best installation for your unique home.

  • Update your kitchen lighting. If everyone gathers in your kitchen in the summer months, brighter and welcoming lighting is a fantastic way to facilitate a comfortable and homey feeling.
  • Entertaining during the summer evenings is a fun way to gather friends and family in Medford. Whether you want LED lights for your family room or inviting outdoor lighting for your patio, color temperature can set the mood in each room in your home.
  • Outdoor lights are not only inviting, but they can deter people from being on your property when they shouldn’t be there. Outdoor lights offer you and your guests a way to see when it gets dark, and paths need to be lit well, so injuries don’t happen.
  • Hanging lights are still trending for making indoor and outdoor areas ready for entertaining and relaxing. Bedrooms, pergolas, hobby sheds, and even large spaces in your yard are all transformed with string lights.  These lights come in different forms and are usually waterproof to help combat the moisture from storms.
  • If you want to remodel your traditional space to a more modern area, installing industrial lights is a terrific way to introduce a modern design that fits with the décor you already have. You will instantly notice an eclectic feeling that is fun and helps keep the positive vibe of summer going.
  • Try unusual shapes for dining room lighting to give the space some personality and do away with the traditional look. Summer is a great season to introduce new shapes and colors into your home’s décor and lighting.

If you need help installing the new summer lights you want in your home or outdoor spaces, Winters Electric is available to make sure your lights are in a safe area and have the proper installation so that you can feel safe all year.

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