Summertime Safety Electricity Tips

As the weather keeps getting warmer, it’s important to keep in mind that summertime fun can also come with some electrical-related dangers. Whether you’re by the pool or you find yourself working on the yard in the heat, it’s crucial to remember the possible issues that can arise. That’s why we at Winters Electric decided to make a quick list of tips for you at home this summer.

1. Don’t Use Electronic Utilities or Accessories in the Rain

Though this may seem like something obvious, many people are often electrocuted or even ruin their belongings by using their electrical devices, like grills, for example, in the rain.

2. Keep Your Devices Away from Water

While it may seem redundant, it is crucial to remember to keep all of your electronics away from your pool, out of your sprinklers’ way, or away from any water, in general. Extension cords, speakers, and grills should be nowhere near water.

3. DON’T Attempt to Trim Trees or Bushes near Power Lines

This is another important tip to remember in the summertime as trimming a tree incorrectly near a power line can cause a lot of damage and power issues. If you’re worried about trees or other plants being too close to power lines near you, call your local municipal/utility company to help you trim them. Also, don’t ever touch an active power line.

4. Use a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlet

A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) helps prevent electrocution and other shock-induced injuries by monitoring the electrical currents and shutting off power automatically if an issue is detected. You should also make sure to test all GFCI outlets for safety purposes.

Electrical hazards can be present almost anywhere. That’s why at Winters Electric, we offer rapid response and emergency electrical services in Medford, Oregon. Be prepared for whatever comes your way this summer, and if you ever need any help at all, contact us immediately.


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