The Benefits of Having Your Ceiling Fan Installed by a Professional Electrician

If you live in Medford, Oregon, and you are installing new ceiling fans in your home, consider the benefits of having them installed professionally.  If you decide to hire a professional, Winters Electric can send a technician to your home to get the job done efficiently and safely.

  1. Safety is the number one reason to hire a professional when installing ceiling fans. Consider how dangerous a ceiling fan might be if it isn’t installed correctly!  You may not only have electrical problems, but you can also have a ceiling fan that isn’t’ secure enough and falls or sparks.
  2. If you hire a professional to install your fan, then your warranty will stay valid. Some warranties are not valid unless the installation and maintenance are performed by someone who is a professional.
  3. A professional electrician can make sure that your ceiling fans are installed with the right ceiling box so that they are supported well. Using the wrong ceiling box can cause the fan to become unstable.
  4. If you hire a professional, you will save time. Someone who is experienced tends to take less time than someone who must troubleshoot if there is a problem.
  5. If an electrician installs your ceiling fans, then you will have peace of mind that the job was done right.
  6. An electrician has the training necessary to fix problems that main arise with the installation of a ceiling fan. They also have the training that allows them to detect wiring that needs replacing and discuss any issues that may happen along the way.
  7. A professional with have the right tools and supplies to install your ceiling fans. Consider how many tools you’ll have to buy if you decide to install the fans yourself or have a friend do it.
  8. Professionals are usually more comfortable working on ladders because they do it regularly.

Hiring an electrician to install your ceiling fans this winter will ensure that they are secure and safe for your household to enjoy all year.

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