When to Upgrade Your Outlets

Like everything else in your home, electrical outlets have a lifespan. There are a few key warning signs to be aware of, indicating it might be time to replace your outlets. Here’s a look at some of the red flags you might see when it is time for an upgrade.


Two Prongs


Any outlet in your home that only has two prongs needs a replacement immediately. The third prong is a grounding prong, meaning whatever you plug into the two-pronged outlet is not grounded. Ungrounded appliances can result in shock, fires, damage to your equipment and even death. The job is more complicated than just installing a new outlet. Your electrical panel also needs an upgrade for the job. For proper installation, it is best to call in the professionals.


Plugs Fall Out of the Outlet


Plugs that fall right out of the outlet pose a real hazard for your home. This warning sign means the outlet has reached its max capacity. A loose connection inside of the outlet can cause sparking and electrical arcing, both of which can increase your risk of a house fire. If you see this warning sign, it’s time to call the professionals for a replacement.


Discoloration and Melting


Discoloration on the surface of your outlet is a giant red flag that the circuit is not working properly. Short circuits can lead to house fires if left unattended. If your outlets show signs of discoloration, you need to call an electrician immediately before you end up with a house fire.


Save Space


Newer outlets offer the option to install charging ports for important devices right into your outlets. Modern outlets have a spot for USB charging devices to fit right into the outlet, avoiding the need for too many charging plugs. If you are constantly searching for your charger or looking to save a little space, this upgrade might be just for you.


If you are ready to upgrade your outlets, give Winters Electric a call today. We can help you replace your old, outdated outlets, potentially avoiding a costly electrical problem.

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