Commercial Electrician Serving Medford Oregon

Downtime is one term every business owner fears; for most companies, even the slightest disruption in normal operations can have devastating results. The last thing you want or need is your office’s electrical system going haywire, especially at the start of the workweek.

Using the right Medford Electrical Contractor is important

Since these properties have a lot more at stake than their residential counterparts, consulting a reputable, commercial Medford electrician is absolutely essential. You cannot trust your corporate interests in the hands of just anyone; this is one area where it pays to pay for quality.

Winters Electric has forged excellent professional relationships with business owners of all types in Southern Oregon, and continues to deliver unparalleled results in the industry. Our team of master electricians are all adequately trained and certified to perform electrical work in commercial buildings.

Local Commercial Electricians on your side

Our crew of electricians is knowledgeable about the local, state, and federal codes that govern the electrical systems in these structures, so you can rest assured knowing yours is in excellent shape. Exceptional customer service comes standard; whatever the job calls for, our team always makes sure to respond promptly to calls, arrive on time, and not leave until our customers’ needs have been fully satisfied.

What kind of services may my commercial building need?

  • Panel upgrades – this is by far the most important aspect of your commercial electrical system. In addition to running the risk of causing a fire or shorting out and damaging costly equipment, faulty or inadequate control panels are often a major expense for business owners. Winters Electric can quickly inspect, replace, and upgrade your current panel if need be, and offer helpful recommendations.
  • Custom maintenance plans – we do not believe in leaving our customers empty-handed; instead of simply installing a new control panel, on-site security lighting, or adding specialty lights for your office’s recent addition, our crew offers custom-tailored maintenance plans to guarantee optimal system operation for years to come.
  • 24/7 service – if something happens to your commercial electrical grid, Winters Electric will immediately dispatch an on-call technician to get it up and running in no time. Time is money, and we do not want our clients waiting any longer than they have to.

Certified by Eaton and HAI, and operating since 1979, Winters Electric is the go-to solution for any business owner needing superior electrical service in Medford. Call us today for a comprehensive electrical inspection and free estimate!