Emergency Service Electrician in Medford

Accidents happen, and almost always at the most inopportune time. Just because problems arise when we often least expect them, does not mean we have to suffer from the negative consequences they impose. Your residential or commercial Medford electrical system will not always do what it is supposed to, but thanks to the crew at Winters Electric, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call. While many contractors operate only within regular business hours or charge exorbitant fees for after-hours service, we believe neither one is effective for helping clients in need.

When we say we offer 24/7 service in Medford, we mean it!

In the event that your control panel stops working at 2AM or the transformer outside your home suffers damage, you should not have to worry about waiting until morning for help to arrive, nor pay an arm and a leg for electricity to be restored. At Winters Electric, we receive emergency calls all the time, and as such expect them to.

You can count on us when the lights go out

Thus, when you place a call in the wee hours of the morning, you will never be forwarded to an automated voicemail system. One of our emergency dispatchers will be ready to receive the call, and promptly respond by sending a technician to your location. Depending on the nature of the circumstances and our after-hours call volume, we will do our best to have someone at your home or office as soon as possible!

Reliable is the Winters Electric way!

Needless to say, we know our customers expect nothing but the best, particularly during times like these. In a word, our Medford emergency electricians are dependable. They will show up on time and stay on site until the problem has been resolved. Along with addressing the immediate issue, they will perform a thorough inspection to make sure nothing else is wrong with your residential or commercial electrical system.

Our quotes are straightforward, our prices competitive, and our services some of the best in the state; Winters Electric has been serving the community of Medford for almost forty years, and have worked with an endless array of customers. Do not let an electrical emergency get you down. Feel free to call or email us anytime!