Expert Electrical Contractor for you Medford Residence

It goes without saying that the quality and safety of your home’s electrical system is very important. Depending on how long your existing wiring and equipment has been in place, it may be time to invest in an upgrade. Many older homes, especially those built near the turn of the 20th century, are ill-equipped to support the high load demand of modern electrical devices. Instead of the new-age circuit breakers that have become the go-to standard for every building, these historic houses (and many more produced until the 1950s) are equipped with fuse boxes, and as you may know, replacing a blown fuse is much more of a hassle to deal with than resetting a circuit switch!

Keeping You Medford Home Safe

The master electricians at Winters Electric can ensure your home’s electrical grid is up to par by performing a comprehensive estimate free of charge. They will determine whether a complete control panel upgrade is required, as well whether they should gut and install new wiring.

Keep in mind that if your home does not pass Medford’s local fire codes, you could be looking at potentially hefty fines. There is no need to put yourself or your family through any unnecessary hassle; contact our team today to see what can be done!

We are locally owned and operated….not to mention licensed and insured

If your residential property is in need of a system upgrade, attempting to cut costs by hiring an unlicensed and unqualified electrical contractor is rarely the best decision. This is especially true when dealing with someone who lacks adequate experience working on these types of systems.

Not only may you have to pay another electrician to fix any mistakes, those mistakes could be putting your family in harm’s way. Having been in business for nearly four decades, Winters Electric has developed a reputation for being one of Medford’s top residential electrical companies.

  • Locally-owned by family-value centered folks!
  • 24/7 emergency service at your fingertips
  • Almost always an immediate response
  • Upgrades, remodels, new construction….anything your home needs

Your home is in good hands with Winters Electric; please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We will do our best to exceed your electrical service needs, and look forward to making your property safe and sound!