Do I Have to Hire an Electrician

Specific electrical jobs are risky to complete independently, especially if you have no experience handling complex electrical devices. Yet, there are cases where you can find a quick tutorial online for resolving a problem, and you may wonder if it’s … Continued

What to Do if Water Enters an Outlet

Whether you experienced a flood or a burst pipe, water entering an electrical outlet is a serious issue that can result in severe injury or death if not appropriately addressed. You may be overwhelmed by this situation, but there are … Continued

Handling a Summertime Blackout

Power outages are infamously common in the summer. This is because everyone is using energy at once to cool their homes, run appliances, and keep the lights on. While it’s possible to lower the risk by conserving power where possible, … Continued

Electrical Safety for Children

If you have little ones running around your house, you most likely experience the crippling worry of everything that could hurt them within your house. One of the main ways children can be injured at home is improper electrical safety.  … Continued