Go Green This Spring With Energy Saving Tips

Summer and winter months are the seasons that come to mind when thinking about energy
savings. However, spring is actually an ideal time to conserve energy and take stock of the
condition of your homes central AC and heat. Here are a few quick ways to conserve energy this

Service AC

Service your AC and replace filters. Rather than waiting until the heat of summer, take an
opportunity to have your AC serviced by professionals. Stock up on filters and change them as
needed. Also, if your heat was not operating as well as it should through the cold months, take
the opportunity to service it, as well. If you have a combo unit, it will be efficient to do both at
once. Also, it saves hassle as the next winter rolls around!

Utilize Windows and Fans

Open windows and turn on the fans. Utilize those early days of spring to get fresh air rather than
running the central AC. Additionally, use ceiling fans and bathroom fans to circulate quality air
through the house and reduce dampness.

Cook Outdoors

Instead of creating additional heat inside the house, take advantage of the temperate weather and
grill out! It’s a win-win situation.

Seal Up or Replace Windows

If you need to re-caulk, putty, or fully replace windows in your house, spring is a wonderful
opportunity to do so. Not only is the weather great for working, it will conserve energy in a big
way as the summer months roll in!

Let the Light in

As the days get longer, let natural light cast a beautiful glow through your home in lieu of
turning on the lights. Conserve energy while boosting your mood!

Program the Thermostat

A great option is to invest in a programmable thermostat to keep your house at a desired
temperature while you are away. Spring is a season of large temperature shifts, and
programmable thermostats take out the guesswork. If you don’t have a programmable
thermostat, opt for keeping the AC off as long as you can and then keeping it at a steady
temperature, such as 68 degrees.

These are useful, do-it-yourself tips for a greener spring. If you need professional help for your
electrical needs, or would like to schedule service, contact Winters Electric in Medford, OR

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