Handling a Summertime Blackout

Power outages are infamously common in the summer. This is because everyone is using energy at once to cool their homes, run appliances, and keep the lights on. While it’s possible to lower the risk by conserving power where possible, it’s not always possible to avoid a blackout entirely. If you have or are expecting a blackout this summer, here’s some advice on how to make it through.

Find Ways to Keep Cool

The hotter things get, the more you’ll rely on your fans, AC, or freezer full of ice cream to get you through the day. These things aren’t going to be available in a power outage. Instead, you can try:

  • Blocking the windows to keep out heat and sunlight
  • Wearing light and breathable clothes
  • Staying hydrated
  • Keeping yourself and your sheets damp with mist

Of course, just because your area has an outage doesn’t mean the entire town or city does. You may be able to get away with spending a few hours at a pool, in an air-conditioned building, or even just going for a summer drive in an air-conditioned car. Just do your best to stay out of the sun and heat.

Emergency Lighting

Without your electricity, it’ll get very dark at night. Use emergency lightning to get around this issue. Ideally, your lighting shouldn’t involve flames, which pose a serious fire hazard in the hot, dry summer. Instead, try battery-powered flashlights, glowsticks, or solar-powered lights.

Eat Potassium-Rich Foods

It may not seem like having a banana can help you keep cool, but potassium can help regulate your body’s water and minerals — which can end up helping you stay cooler. However, remember that potassium-rich foods also work best when they’re cool.

Use a Generator

If you’re desperate, try using a gas-powered generator. These generators must be used outside due to carbon monoxide production, and they can be difficult to manage. But, they’ll provide energy to your house if used correctly.

Contact Winters Electric

An electrician may not be able to save you if your entire neighborhood or town loses power, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help with other electrical emergencies. If you need assistance, contact Winters Electric today.



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