How Do I Stay Warm If I Lose Power in the Winter

The winter months come with a wide range of severe weather. You have to worry about snow, ice, high winds, and intense cold. In the winter months, we rely on our heating system more than ever. One of the worst things that can happen in the winter is losing power. If this happens, it is important not to panic. Your top concern should be keeping you and your loved ones warm while waiting for help to arrive. 

Dress in Layers 

It is important to keep everyone as warm and comfortable as possible. Dress in layers as much as possible, keeping all areas of your body warm. Be sure to gather blankets and anything else that can help you maintain your body heat while you wait for help. If you have a fireplace, now is the perfect time to utilize it as a source of heat. If you know it is going to be some time before you can get help, you can even camp indoors. Setting up a tent and sleeping bags can help you with temperature regulation. 

Disconnect Electrical Devices

If your loss of heat is caused by a power outage, it is beneficial to disconnect your electrical devices. When power returns, there could be an electrical surge that could damage your devices. 

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

You want to preserve your existing heat as much as possible. You should avoid opening any doors or windows unless absolutely necessary. Plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and duct tape can provide quick seal solutions if you notice any drafts in your home. 

Contact Us for Help

Winters Electric offers emergency services for your power needs. We understand the stress of losing power in the winter. We will do all we can to provide the services you need to restore power and get your home warm and comfortable as soon as possible. You can contact us 24/7 for all of your winter concerns.  

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