Reasons to Call for Emergency Electrical Services

If you have a home in Medford, Oregon, and know you have an electrical problem, it may mean that you must call for emergency help for your electrical system.  Consider calling Winters Electric in the Southern Oregon area for quick response time when you think you have an electrical emergency.

  • If you hear sparks coming from your electrical system or notice that there is a consistent flicker from the lights in your home, then you could have and electrical emergency.
  • If you see or smell smoke or fire, be sure to call 911 and then call emergency electrical services after you are allowed back on the premises because it is declared safe.
  • If you have a power outage, and it is just your home, then you should call for emergency services.
  • If you hear buzzing or a humming sound coming from your breaker box, then you should call for emergency electrical help. This sound coming out of your breaker box indicates that a breaker is trying to trip and can’t for some reason.  If your breakers can’t trip, then your safety system isn’t working correctly, and your home is at risk of an electrical fire.
  • If you smell burning wires but don’t see or smell smoke, cut the power to your home and call for emergency electrical services. The smell of burning wires can be a dangerous situation that an electrician can resolve if they have enough time.
  • If you see smoke or smell burning coming from an outlet in your home, cut the power to your house and call 911, then call for emergency electrical services.

While it is essential to fix an emergency electrical problem, it is also vital to make sure that the people in your home are safe.  Call 911 at any point that you have smoke or a fire in your home and get outside to safety before you do anything else.  When you are safe, call to have the emergency repairs you need for your home to have a reliable electrical system once again.


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