Saving Money by Saving Electricity this Summer

Looking to lower your electricity bill as the warmest months of spring and summer approach? There are several reasons why your home may be leaking or otherwise wasting energy. Here are a few places to begin optimizing your energy efficiency for early summer savings:

Address Windows and Doors

If your energy costs were through the roof this winter, it may be time to check your windows and doors. If your home’s windows and doors aren’t properly sealed, cool air can escape during the summer, slipping through the cracks and around the edges. Replacing deteriorating caulking and weather strips can help cover any breaches in your home’s “airtight” seal to cut off this spending leak.

Use Fans Along With Your AC

It’s understandable that most people whose homes have ceiling fans and air conditioning units may rely on fans when it’s not hot enough outside to need the AC, and forego the fans in favor of AC on the hottest days. However, did you know that running your fan alongside your AC will keep you from putting a heavy load on your HVAC on exceptionally hot days, keeping your costs down overall? Keep your AC set a few degrees higher and run fans to provide a breeze, making your home feel cooler than it really is.

Clean Your AC Unit Vents and Filters

One way to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck this summer’s to clean out your air conditioning unit’s filters and vents. Clogged vents and dirty filters mean cool air will have a more difficult time flowing through your system, making your unit work harder to cool your home. The additional strain raises your electric bill and can cause excess wear on your system. Regularly replace filters and ensure vents are clear of blockages to avoid these issues.

Use a Smart Thermostat

A great way to get ahead of summer savings is to buy a smart thermostat. While you can save money by raising the temperature in your home during the day, it can be difficult to remember to adjust these settings. You can program a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature at specific times of the day, helping you cool your home only when you are in it and keeping your electric costs down.

If you’re still noticing a significant spike in electric bills, reach out to the experts for help. Winters Electric is always here to help you assess your issues and get your home back on track for cost savings. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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