Top Reasons for an Emergency Electrician During the Holidays

Any time there is a fire because of electricity in your home, call the emergency fire department and then an emergency electrician.  The holidays bring many reasons to be aware of the many home fire hazards and the potential for an electrical problem.

  • If you use the wrong kind of lights outdoors, you may have an electrical problem. If the lights are not waterproof or safe for the outdoors, you are mixing electricity with water when it rains.  Electricity and water are a hazard.
  • When the power in your home frequently goes out, then you should have an electrician review the wiring in your home to make sure that there isn’t a problem. Frequent outages may mean that your household is in an unsafe environment, or there is a fire hazard.
  • An outlet or circuit breaker that shocks are a sign of improper wiring or an overloaded electrical system. An electric shock is deadly in some instances, so it is crucial to get an emergency electrician right away.
  • A rusted or wet circuit panel is a hazard. Call us for emergency assistance if you have a problem with the circuit panel in your Medford, Oregon, home.
  • If you don’t feel safe in your home because your lights or outlets don’t work the way they should or flicker, call for an emergency electrician to have the wires in your house inspected.
  • If you have added lighting or items that use an extra amount of power in your home because of the holidays, an electrician can help you determine the problem if it affects the rest of the electricity in your home.
  • When you see water and electricity in the same area, get out of the area and call an electrician.
  • Live wires that are down because of a storm can also mean that you have an emergency and need a skilled electrician right away.
  • Consider contacting us for emergency electrician services when the power in your home isn’t working the way it usually does.

Winters Electric is available during the winter months for holiday emergency calls!  Don’t hesitate to call us with all your electrical concerns.

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