What to Do if Water Enters an Outlet

Whether you experienced a flood or a burst pipe, water entering an electrical outlet is a serious issue that can result in severe injury or death if not appropriately addressed. You may be overwhelmed by this situation, but there are some tips to consider when faced with a wet outlet.

Turn Off the Power

When you notice the water has entered the electrical outlet, head to your fuse box and turn off the power as soon as possible. Outlets can short-circuit if water affects the area for too long, and if your wires become overheated, a fire can break out, causing even more damage. When you notice an outlet getting wet, turn off your power immediately. Wait at least 24 hours before attempting to turn on the power again. Of course, leave the power off if the area is still wet.

Try a Voltage Meter

Even if you think the area is dry after time has passed, it’s never a good idea to turn the power on without checking the outlet first. We recommend you use a voltage meter if you own one to see if it’s functional again. Few homeowners in Oregon own a voltage meter, and some are unsure how to use the one they have. If you can’t check the outlet, have an experienced electrician check for you.

Replace the Outlet

If the damage is too severe or the outlet isn’t working again after trying the above strategies, have the outlet entirely replaced to avoid potential damage. The water may have killed the outlet entirely, and replacing it may be a better solution long term.

Let Winters Electric Help

Our team at Winters Electric knows how serious a wet outlet can be, and we have the skills to handle many different electrical problems. For more information on what we can do, contact us today.

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