Why Are My Lights Flickering

We ask a lot of our electrical system every day. We need it to power our important devices and provide the necessary light to provide comfort throughout our day. If you’ve noticed your lights starting to flicker, this could be a sign of an issue with your electrical system. An occasional flicker isn’t a cause for concern, but if you notice it happening more often, or it’s a regular occurrence, it is time to investigate.

What Causes It?

Flickering lights are normally a result of a reduction or fluctuation in household voltage use. Abrupt changes in voltage can cause damage to your electronics. In rare circumstances, drastic fluctuations in voltage can present an electrical fire risk. Common issues that cause lights to flicker include:

  • Loose light plugs
  • Faulty switch or dimmer
  • Bulb issues such as incompatibility or not screwed in tight enough
  • Appliances pulling a large amount of current on startup

These issues are minimum, and can often be addressed by the homeowner depending on the situation. More complex issues that could cause lights to flicker include:

  • Fluctuating voltages
  • Loose or outdated wiring connections
  • Sensory overload on a circuit
  • Electric utility service issue
  • Connection problems with the meter box or main service cable connections

If you feel you may be dealing with a more complex issue, it is best to call in a professional technician. Repairs on your electrical system can be dangerous, especially without proper training or a complete understanding of your system.

We Can Help

If you are experiencing flickering lights that are becoming more persistent or severe, we can help. If simple solutions such as a lightbulb change or checking plug-ins aren’t enough, it is often best to let a professional take a look. This ensures the issue is properly addressed and repaired safely. Contact us with all your electrical questions or concerns. 

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