Why You Should Never DIY With Home Electrical Wiring

There are YouTube how-to guides and step-by-step instructions for countless home improvement projects and common repairs. While these guides can help a homeowner save money by handling simple jobs personally, some jobs are best left to professionals. Electrical wiring is one of those jobs. At Winters Electric, we want our customers in the Medford, OR area to be as safe as possible with their home maintenance. Everyone should know a few of the reasons why DIY is never the answer when it comes to home electrical systems.

  1. Electrical Codes

Do you know the electrical codes in your area and how they apply to your home? If not, you shouldn’t mess with any electrical work in your home or you run the risk of not only causing a fire, but also incurring fines or other penalties should you sell or rent out the home in the future with hazardous electrical elements.

  1. Improper Equipment

While the average homeowner can visit Lowes or the Home Depot and find basic tools that seem sufficient for handling an electrical job, the average homeowner will not have access to more advanced safety equipment and diagnostic tools that ensure safe electrical work.

  1. Guesswork Is Dangerous

It’s not uncommon for a DIY-er to unintentionally “fix” a problem by chance, only to discover later (usually in tragic fashion) that the fix was not as reliable as it seemed to be. Using your best guess does not fly when it comes to electrical work, so if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the job to a professional.

  1. You Could Cause Expensive Damage at Your Own Expense

Homeowners carry insurance to protect their homes from unexpected damage, but most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover a homeowner’s own incompetence if they attempt an electrical repair and unintentionally botch it. If you try to fix a broken ceiling fan and wind up accidentally burning your house down, don’t expect the insurance company to cover you.

DIY can be a great approach to simple home repairs like installing a new doorknob or building a vegetable garden, but it’s not safe to perform any type of electrical work if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have an electrical issue in the Medford, OR area, contact the professionals at Winters Electric and have us handle it safely and accurately.

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