Winter’s Electrical Hazards You Need to Avoid

Winters Electric cares about the safety of Medford’s citizens and wants to help keep them informed of hazards they might face when winter’s harsh weather strikes. Electrical safety should be a priority year-round, but winter brings increased stress on a home’s electrical system as residents seek shelter inside to escape the frigid cold of winter.


Electrical Heating Risks

The cold air and icy precipitation push everyone to wrap up in a blanket, bump the thermostat a little higher, and employ alternative methods to get just a bit more warmth. If you make use of a space heater or an electric blanket, follow all safety instructions included in the owner’s manual and heed any warning printed on the heater or blanket. Additionally, turning on a hair dryer and placing it on the floor to help warm the bathroom floor exposes you to the risk of electrical fire or shock, if it’s exposed to water or wet surfaces.


Electrical Faults or Failures

Damage to your wiring can lead to dangerous faults striking when the system experiences an increased load, such as during winter. These faults can lead to house fires and serious injuries, if not death. Use of noncompliant products increases the risk of a fault. Avoid using such items and, if you suspect damage may have happened, have your system inspected as soon as possible.


Electrical Products Used Seasonally

Winter sees many electrical products or appliances pulled out of storage for seasonal use. Long-term storage can result in damaged wires or broken parts if they were improperly stored. Conduct a full inspection of any electric product you use only seasonally and have them repaired or replaced if you find damage. Don’t take chances with superficial damage; even the slightest break can lead to something far worse.

Keep your family safe this winter and practice smart use of electrical products. Replace anything that has been damaged. Winter Electric stands ready 24/7 if you have an electrical emergency in your home or if you just need to inspect or repair a damaged system.


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